Objectives and Staff Members

Objectives and Staff Members

Our goals:

We want to help the Dehesa to remain as the „last frontier to the desert“ hosting as many species of plants and animals as possible. Therefor an organic and sustainable management with a variety in livestock husbandry is necessary as well as a careful forestry. The marketing of the products and several research and investigation programs around topics of the Dehesa complete the range of activities.

Hoping that our efforts may widen their effect, in our training center we offer education, training and trainee programs.

Our team:

Hans-Gerd Neglein


Ernestine Lüdeke

President. Markets and projects.


José Manuel García-Quílez Gómez


Juan Luis Gázquez Guerrero

Graduated in Forest and Environment Engineering. Manager

María José García Romero

Is responsable for the office.


Andrés Nevado Jara

Deals with the animals and the land.

Julián Perera Oliva

With Andrés Nevado Jara, they deal with the animals and the land.

Mª del Carmen García Garrón

With Eloisa Guerrero Delgado, they keep the trainig center in good condition.

Eloisa Guerrero Delgado

With Maria del Carmen García Garrón, they keep the trainig center in good condition.

Guillermo Hervás Díaz

Takes care of house and home

Dr. Dietrich Landmann

Senior Advisor