Protection of vultures

Protection of vultures

In the past, when great herds of ungulates tramped Europe and predators like wolves and bears were all-around, carrion was very common. A lot of animals were specialised in living on carcass. They utilized the dead animals even to the last bone and so they helped to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics. One of this necrophagic animals are the vultures.

Today the vultures have problems to find enough food in consequence of their specialization on carrion. Dead farm animals have to be disposed “professionally”. Furthermore they often are victims of toxic baits or shootings.

We want to help the vultures and so we established an authorised feeding ground for the great birds on our dehesa. Here we regularly offer carrion which represents the base of their alimentation.

The two great and very imposing species of vultures who live in our region, the griffon vulture and the black vulture, detected the regular food supply very fast and so they frequently visit us in great numbers.

Sometimes hundreds of griffon vultures an about a dozen of the rare black vultures appear. Furthermore the hibernating red kites, the golden eagle and a lot of common ravens use the place as important food source.

By the way we don´t have to worry about our livestock: vultures are specialised in dead animals. Our sheep seem to know this and keep calm – very often you can see them unstressed relaxing underneath hundreds of the giant birds circulating.