Our Products

Our Products

The multifaceted use of the dehesa renders a lot of different natural products. Besides the quality meat products from the Ibérico pigs and the indigenous cattle, which we commercialize directly from with the brand of Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, sheep and goats also give meat, wool and fleece. Goatcheese is elaborated carefully and hand-made for private consumption.

Millions of honey bees from different hives, as well as on the Dehesa San Francisco as in the Palentine mountains where the sheep transhume for the summer – give a very aromatic honey.

The cork harvest is realized with sustaiability criteria and has the FSC-certification.

All our products are being produced sustaibaly and organically. If you are interested in any of the meat products, do not hesitate to consult our marketing web: www.ceribeco.com