Projects for Biodiversity and Species Protection

Projects for Biodiversity and Species Protection

In times of extinction of species - especially now, that we have reached a new climax in the manmade extinction – it is more important than ever to preserve the remaining natural treasures and help endangered species to survive.

The foundation Fundación Monte Mediterráneo acknowledges its responsibility to contribute to the protection of nature and species. Hence, several conservation projects for wild flora and fauna have been developed and carried out.

One of the examples is the place where carrion is offered to the vultures: thanks to many conservation measures, the griffon vulture population has grown in the last years and many of the along with some of the endangered black vultures can be fed at the “vulture restaurant”. Without this feeding, the scavengers had no chance to survive in Europe.

Preparing the resettlement of the Spanish imperial eagle, wild rabbits, which had been almost extinguished by epidemics, were reintroduced and have meanwhile reached a stable population.

Another project serves to preserve the amphibian population since amphibians are increasingly threatened by the fragmentation of the landscapes and the disappearance of habitats. In order to offer shelter and summer quarter, several facilities were built: clearance caims and bunches of dead wood as well as spawning waters, which were also fenced. 

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