Water - no comment

Water - no comment

Publicado el 21/08/2023
Water - no comment

In the eight provinces of Andalusia, the reservoirs are filled between 14,73 % - 30,4% (see map)

“The province of Huelva is the most affected by the restrictions on water supply. Paradoxically, the restrictions are concentrated in the municipalities of the Sierra de Aracena - one of the places where high rainfall figures are usually registered throughout the year.

Santa Olalla del Cala: one of the municipalities most affected by the restrictions, which is without water supply for 9 hours: from 11:00 pm - 8:00 am to be exact.


.......in April, the Andalusian Prime Minister announced that despite the prevailing drought, the water supply in Andalusia was "guaranteed" in the cities for at least a year and a half ....further, he claimed that no water restrictions would be implemented in "tourist and urban" areas.... " (Ricardo Gamaza – El Correo de Andalucía, August, 12th,  2023)