Publicado el 13/08/2023

Within the framework of the Erasmus project called DIGI-ECONAFACUGAS (Tools in ecological, natural, agricultural, cultural and gastronomic tourism in rural areas), the first workshop of partners was held in Romania.


Recapitulation of the workshop - Rural tourism in the Transylvanian Highlands


We had a great time at our Workshop on current and potential rural tourism combined with agricultural and forestry activities in the largest ecotourism destination in Romania - the Transylvanian Highlands!


Location: Richiș Village, Transylvanian Highlands

Date: 16 - 19 July 2023

Partners: Fundación Cesefor and Fundación Monte Mediterráneo from Spain, ProPark from Rumania, Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik from Austria and Lišov Museum from Slovakia.


Goal of the workshop:

During the workshop, we delved into the profile of rural, ethno-cultural and ecological stakeholders interested in sustainable tourism and explored diverse experiences in the partner’s country.


Main points of the workshop:

You visited the fortified church of Biertan - a UNESCO monument, where we learned about its fascinating history.

We participated in discussions at Bio Mosna Farm about the development of gastronomic infrastructure in rural areas.

We explored the Angofa Wildlife Center and visited the unique wilderness of Transylvania.

We visited the Center for the Interpretation of Traditional Culture in Alma Vii, which promotes cultural heritage and sustainable growth.

We enjoyed an 8 km cycle tour in Cornățeli and discussed opportunities in rural tourism.


Group discussions:

During the workshop, participants shared their experiences characterizing the profile of tourists in nature and identified barriers to the development of economic activity. We also addressed educational needs for future growth.


Transylvanian ecotourism:

The Transylvanian Highlands enchanted us with its natural and cultural wonders. It is truly a destination worth exploring!


Thank you to all the participants, hosts and partners who made this workshop a huge success! Let's continue to support sustainable rural tourism together.