Bólido frente al golfo de Almería

Bólido frente al golfo de Almería

Publicado el 06/08/2023
Bólido frente al golfo de Almería

Fireball in front of the golf of Almería

july 4th, 2023 by Alberto Castellón

At 03:24 am local time, the cameras of the Red de la Universidad de Málaga and the Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía (UMA/SMA) as well as the Red Global BOOTES (IAA/CSIC) detected a fireball in front of the coast of Almería.


A video was filmed by  the station in Santa Olalla del Cala (UMA/SMA/Fundación Monte Mediterráneo) in Huelva province and captured by the cameras from the observatories BOOTES-1 (IAA/CSIC/INTA) in Huelva province and BOOTES-2 (IAA/CSIC/UMA) in Málaga province.


The meteoroid associated to the July-pegasides, travelled a distance of 68 km in north-westerly direction towards the golf of Almería about 30 km offshore. With an average speed of 208.800 km/h, it came down from 122 km altitude and disintegrated at 71 km altitude over the Mediterranean sea.