Shared Celebration

Shared Celebration

Publicado el 23/01/2022
Shared Celebration

In February 2002, Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, won the 1st prize in BioFach in Nuremberg for the first Organic Ibérico ham acorn fattened. This award, built the foundation stone for the commercial relationship with VERITAS: a common „building“ where organic products and an attitude to life standing for an ecologic, healthy and fair life, coexist.


20 years VERITAS = 20 years with products from the organic Ibérico pigs acorn fattened from Fundación Monte Mediterráneo.


The group of people who have experienced the same events, and who have received similar cultural and social influences, is called a generation. In the same way, a generation is also the group of people who, over a long period of time, have shown a way of understanding the world, and who have promoted common values ​​for our society and our environment. At Veritas we are celebrating. This January 17th we celebrate exactly 20 years since our foundation. And, in sociological terms, 20 years is a whole generation. For this reason, and because we want to share the view we have held on the world in general and on food in particular, we have baptized these first 20 years of Veritas as the Veritas Generation. There are many people and families who have trusted our project and our stores from the beginning, and many others who have been added during these 20 years. All this confidence has been combined with our passion throughout these two decades and has allowed us to gradually extend our purpose of seeking the best organic food, the healthiest food, for everyone. To all and all, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. And all this journey has been worth it. The EU has set a goal that by 2030 25% of European crops shall be organic. It is considered that achieving this figure is necessary for the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Although we are still far from this scenario, thanks to all of us, the Veritas Generation, and to all the people who share our values, we are getting closer. We have been walking together for 20 years to make it so. We have been pioneers and have led the movement that today is considered essential for our future. And this year 2022 we renew our spirit for the next 20 years! After these last difficult times for everyone, we deserve the best food for our body and for our soul. For this reason, I encourage you to enjoy all this 2022 of the celebration plan that we have prepared for you. Have a great start of the year!



We want a certified organic food, that is real and not just look like it.

We want a healthy diet, completely nutritious, free of toxic residues and that does not harm our body.

We want authentically tasty food, without artifice or trickery, with much shorter ingredient lists.

We want a sustainable diet that takes care of our land and, if possible, regenerates and restores it in reciprocity to what it gives us.

We want a close and socially fair food, which recognizes the value and contribution of organic producers and industries in the territory, which fairly rewards their work, and therefore can continue doing what they love for many years. For them and for us.