The sheep and their fold

The sheep and their fold

Publicado el 18/09/2017
The sheep and their fold

Sheep herds are accompanied by a “manuring system which improves the soil and the grass growth and creates grazing areas: the folding. The technique consist of mobile folds where sheep and goats spend the nights in a rotating system.” (Vicente Rodríguez Estévez)

The manuring by the sheep’s excrements prepares the soil for later agricultural cultivation, encourages grass growth instead of bush encroachment, disseminates the seeds in the excrements and – last not least – augments the sopil’s capacity of water retention.

“This millennial type of use of the sheep manure means a valorization within the agro-eco-system instead of contamination outwards.” (Vicente Rodríguez Estévez)

Also the sheep in the transhumance in Northern Spain stay in those folds overnight.

Here: our sheep keeper and the trainees relocate the electric protecting fence of the fold.