World Environment Day

Publicado el 05/06/2021


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Follow us on the transhumance

Publicado el 29/05/2021

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The Emperor's New Clothes

Publicado el 22/05/2021

The sheep – as well as the emperor in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale

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Partners from the two projects GO OVINNOVA and LIFE LiveAdapt urge the public administration to create a cross-federal-state task force to work together in pro of the transhumance

Publicado el 18/05/2021

Overall eight organizations/institutions dealing with extensive sheep breeding and meat production and commercializing have called on the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the governments of the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Castile and León and Extremadura to create a task force to take specific inter-autonomous measures in favor of the transhumance. ...

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Final preparations for the Transhumance 2021

Publicado el 14/05/2021

Grupo operativo OVINNOVA

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Publicado el 09/05/2021


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New impressions from the Dehesa SAn Francisco - seen by Torsten Pröhl

Publicado el 06/05/2021

Torsten Pröhl

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Best Practice

Publicado el 25/04/2021

Volunteers, scholars and trainees

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Publicado el 18/04/2021

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European Wool Day

Publicado el 09/04/2021

On the occasion of the European Wool Day

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