Fundación Monte Mediterráneo….founding member and co-initiator

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo….founding member and co-initiator

Publicado el 27/12/2019
Fundación Monte Mediterráneo….founding member and co-initiator

Organic Lamb from the Southwest of Spain is coming on the market

Farmers from Extremadura and West-Andalusia cluster to launch a new brand that agglutinates their organic production: Cordero Organic

Organic sheep breeders have, from now on, the chance to integrate market their products thanks to the creation of Cordero Organic – a new brand that differentiates this product from others on the market. Concerning first estimations about 13.000 lambs from extensive breeding will be commercially available under this brand hoping that more farmers will join the initiative.

It is important to highlight that fact that Cordero Organic counts on a slaughtering plant and a cutting plant – both organically certified - which allow to adapt to marketing and customer’s demands concerning format, etc. Leaving from Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz, Spain), this healthy source of protein can be sold nationally and internationally.

The brand has already received a significant recognition: The Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö (Sweden) has honored Cordero Organic on November 14th with the 1st International Prize for the best innovative organic product. In this sense, organic lamb is not only a product of organic conviction or a future vision but also an option for farmers to improve their rentability.

Commercial alliance

Cordero Organic comes up by clustering of farmers and it started to work in July 2019 counting on 27 organic certified founding members. Nevertheless, we hope to increase the number of members thanks to the commercial alliance with cooperative group ea group.

ea group is the most important sheep cooperative in Europe and is composed by eight cooperatives in Andalusia and Extremadura with a strong and permanent structure with a census of more than 850.00 sheep and about 2.000 members from the provinces of Badajoz, Cáceres, Córdoba, Huelva., Sevilla, Cádiz and Ciudad Real.


Apart from the organic certification (CAEX in Extremadura and CAAE in Andalusia) which guarantees the consumers the perfect compliance with the standards it is necessary to highlight the environmental services of the extensive sheep breeding.

The meat is produced in areas with a long and strong tradition in sheep breeding where, in former times, merino sheep would come back after having been in the North of Spain, in the transhumance. These same animals keep improving the soils, giving life to the dehesas and steppes of Extremadura and Andalusia and generating jobs and prosperity in rural areas with an innovative production system. The organically produced meat now opens a new market window to Organic Products.


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