A “corky” visit to the cork processing company “Corchos El Chocolatero”

Publicado el 14/10/2018

Trainees, PhD’s, participantos of the Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility program from Mutpol and students from the Schloss Bieberstein could learn how cork is processed in the 1st stage of processing…..much to the surprise of everyone: it’s a manual process! ...

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Jornada de Homenaje a la Trashumancia en la Montaña Palentina

Publicado el 01/10/2018

The 1st of September, in Vidrieros, Triollo, Palencia, an homage was paid to the transhumance in the mountains of Palencia. It was preceded by a press conference in Palencia on August 30th. (See Spanish Press article). After the visit to the sheep herd with animals from farms from Andalusia and Extremadura in their “summer retreat”, the following persons got to s ...

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The species of the month...

Publicado el 29/09/2018

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Do you know the land where the lemon trees blossom? Among dark leaves the golden oranges glow. A gentle breeze from blue skies drifts. The myrtle is still, and the laurel stands high. Do you know it well?... ...

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A beautiful view was left out in the cold…

Publicado el 28/09/2018

A hole in the wall for the stove in the library in the Training Center Vallebarco is the solution for this year’s Summer Riddle.

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Abundant and beautiful nature, impressive cultural heritage and committed people...

Publicado el 19/09/2018

Erasmus + KA2 Synergies in professional training in agriculture, food and handicraft ….action with the Slovakian partner ...

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Visions of the transhumance

Publicado el 10/09/2018

Our Border Collie Túa has given birth to 8 puppies!

Publicado el 30/08/2018

We want to take this opportunity to present the border collie as the species of the month. The herding technique of our boder collie Túa can be observed on videos on our facebook site. ...

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Francisco Morgado Galet – 40 years of transhumance with sheep in Spain

Publicado el 27/08/2018

Summer riddle

Publicado el 23/08/2018

What is this?

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Impressions of the English summer camp

Publicado el 15/08/2018

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