The Brushcutters

Publicado el 11/12/2017

The trainees participating in the Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility Project with the Agrarian Chamber of Lower Saxony (Germany) not only cut the excessive brush helping to diminish the risk of bush fires, they also cut off the uneatable parts from the vegetable. And they also cut off what might block their personal development during the new experiences in a foreign country... ...

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New video in our video gallery

Publicado el 06/12/2017

Español en la naturaleza – Spanisch in der Natur – Spain in the nature

Publicado el 01/12/2017

Spanish course in the Dehesa San Francisco in april / may 2018

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Erasmus+ KA 2 project

Publicado el 29/11/2017

Kick-off-Meeting for an Erasmus + KA2 project: Synergies in vocational training in agriculture, food and old crafts – The Lead Partner is Bildungsstätte Naturpark Dübener Heide ...

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Enjoy your meal!

Publicado el 24/11/2017

Our efforts to protect the vulture are being rewarded: the table, these days, is covered with rich food and apparently the word has gotten around. We are very happy about the spectacular scenery with hundreds of griffon vultures on the vulture’s food place. We are especially happy about the fact that about a dozen of the rare black vultures are among them... here some interesting impressions ...

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Spanish-German cooperation

Publicado el 20/11/2017

Sheep farming in Baden-Württemberg is coming out of the niche and establishes a Spanish-German cooperation. Ernestine Lüdeke from Fundación Monte Mediterráneo and Herbert Wiedemann, President of the Baden-Württemberg cooperative for Lamb sign the cooperation in presence of the Lamb-Queen, Kerstin Wiedemann-Riek and Ulrich Rothweiler. The “sheep-contact&rdqu ...

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Lower Saxony in Andalusia

Publicado el 14/11/2017

Four men and three women from professional areas of agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and housekeeping are participating in an Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility project of the Agrarian Chamber of Lower Saxony. During their stay they live in the Trainig Center in Vallebarco and the trainee ship introduces them into the management system of the dehesa and the projects of Fundación Monte Medite ...

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A blessing in disguise...

Publicado el 09/11/2017

...was how little Canito started in life. Being an orphan he found a kind surrogate father in our foreman Andrés who, from time to time, counts on helping hands. Once Canito will be bigger and stronger, he will be playing with his friends out in the meadows of the Dehesa. Photos: U. Möhring ...

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Welcome home!

Publicado el 06/11/2017

After their transhumance-holidays in the mountains of the Palencia Province our sheep came back... well fed and relaxed... and expected with great expectation... Our „boys“ are facing busy times... After a long separation, they will now again be wandering together through the Dehesa! We are looking forward to get to know the new lambs in sprin ...

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What is this?

Publicado el 03/11/2017

...they call it rain....

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