Impressions of the English summer camp

Publicado el 15/08/2018

What the 1st of August 2003 seemed to be a disaster

Publicado el 01/08/2018

Lo que el 1 de agosto de 2003 parecía una desesperación (el incendio destruyó cerca de 150 has) … 15 years later and thanks to many, many efforts, looks like that: ...

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High season in our self-sufficiency-gardens ...

Publicado el 27/07/2018

The species of the month...

Publicado el 19/07/2018

... aerialist with affairs

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Let’s go on vacation!

Publicado el 14/07/2018 what our 375 sheep and 20 rams said on July, 2nd, the day their trip to the green grazing mountain areas in the North started. In order to be able to travel, a lot of things had to get done: we have to assemble all animals and bring them to the embark point which was done quickly thanks to our Border Collie Túa. All animals were counted and a health check was made before they went on ...

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Summer vacation Camp on the Dehesa San Francisco!

Publicado el 11/07/2018

A residential group from Montijo (Badajoz) “Plena Inclusión” shared their Summer vacation camp with the residential group from the Internationaler Bund from Germany. The young people between 14 and 17 years old enjoyed a wide range of leisure and recreation activities in nature as well as with culture and entertainment highlights: Bicycle workshop, dancing classes (sevillanas), ...

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4.000 sheep participate in the transhumance to mountain pasture in the North.

Publicado el 07/07/2018

Fundación Monte Mediterráneo pretends with its project to revive and renew the middle age tradition of the transhumance so that in rural areas new perspectives can arise. Livestock breeding, again and again, brings up special and interesting phenomena. An element which is as deeply and firmly rooted in Spanish culture as the transhumance is going through a revival process due to F ...

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Welcome to the Dehesa San Francisco!

Publicado el 02/07/2018

On June 27th, the new generation of Ibéricos arrived at the Dehesa San Francisco! Once they had jumped from the truck, the 142 “trunk-noses” immediately started to explore the “familiarization enclosure”. In small groups they wander around smacking and rooting and getting used to the extensive grounds of the Dehesa San Francisco. What a joy being able to observe them ...

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An article on the project “Transhumance 2018”

Publicado el 26/06/2018

On June, 26th, published the following article on the project “Transhumance 2018”. ( Photo: Miguel de Celis In the article in question the cooperatives ea group and Comercial Ovinos in coope ...

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The Saxons are coming…

Publicado el 17/06/2018

… to the Dehesa San Francisco! Within the Erasmus+ Mobility KA1 Program in cooperation with our cooperation partner Mutpol a group from Radebeuler Sozialprojekt is undertaking a wide range internship on the Dehesa San Francisco. The group is diligent and learning many new things as the photos show. ...

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